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The state provides loans to cover closing costs and up to 3.5 percent of a down payment. The California housing finance agency’s first. mortgage payments; instead, buyers repay them in a lump sum.

While it’s true that your first mortgage payment isn’t due for at least one month, you are still paying for it in the end. Your best bet is to close near the end of the month to minimize the interest you pay at the closing.

Question about closing and when first payment would be due. Asked by Kristi Maris, Colorado Thu Dec 27, 2012. We are buying a house (FHA) and hoping to close soon. My question is this – say if we close on January 20th – how many days after closing would our first payment be due?

After closing, your first payment is due one full month after the last day of the month in which your home loan. So, whether you close on 15 or 29 June, your first mortgage payment would become due.

Your first mortgage payment can’t come due for at least 30 days after closing and it must be scheduled for the first of the month. If you close on either September 10 or September 20, your first payment would be due November 1 – the next available first day of the month after the 30 days have elapsed.

If you were to close on February 3rd, and asked for a 1st mortgage payment due date of March 1st, then instead of being charged interest at closing, you would be given an "interest credit" (instead of being charged interest) from the lender of 2 days (Feb 1st & Feb 2nd). and your March 1st payment would be a normal full payment.

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Refinancing a mortgage could result in a lower monthly payment or a reduction. number of months you’d need to recoup closing costs with mortgage savings. If you’re planning to move within the first.

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A very popular question from a home buyer is “When is my first mortgage payment due after closing?”. More than likely your mortgage payment is due on the first of each month. Actually, traditional mortgage loans like conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans require payments due on the first of each month. But, there are sometimes options of the first payment date.

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